Port Stephens Camel Riding Tours

Port Stephens Camel Riding Tours


Explore Port Stephens in an awesome new way! Yes, this area is known as the “blue water paradise,” thanks to its abundance of water related activities, but it’s also catching attention in an unconventional way. Camel Riding Tours are the new rave, and it’s quickly becoming one of the area’s most popular activities.

What You Can Expect

Camels are some of the most gentle animals in existence despite there huge size. Adults, as well as kids, can enjoy a 20 minute daytime ride across the beautiful sands of Stockton Beach. Starting at Birubi Point, individuals can cruise along the extensive ocean of sandy dunes while taking in the exceptional views of this pristine environment. Sunset camel rides takes it to a whole new level. The setting is perfect and will take your breath away as the cool winds of the Pacific creates one of the most serene atmospheres possible.

Sunset camel riding tours are picturesque in-a-sense and it can be a romantic setting for couples. Unlike the daytime riding tours, these spectacular evening tours gives you 60 minutes of pure pleasure.


Things To Consider

Being such a popular activity, riding tours can be limited on occasions. With an ever growing following, it is wise to call ahead of time for updated information. Things to keep in mind is that camel tour dates are available on the weekends, public holidays and during school. Birubi Point in Anna Bay is definitely the place to be for experiencing an all new kind of adventure.

To narrow things down, and to reserve a spot, there are camel riding package tours available, which allows you to book a specific date or alternate date, if cancellations happen to commence. Prices for children are a bit cheaper than for adults, which allows you a bit of savings overall.

Another great thing about this is that visitors can come as a group and experience the event together. All bases seem to be covered here and for people who have gift vouchers, the vouchers validity is good for up to six months.


In Conclusion

Port Stephens has transformed from a quaint location to a full blown exotic destination and the camel rides are just the icing on the cake. It’s time for you to book your next vacation, retreat or weekend get-a-way, to the ultimate blue water paradise.