Construction begins on One Mile Lifeguard Facility

The new surf lifesaving facility will replace the existing facility, which does not adequately meet the requirements of lifeguards.

Brock Lamont, Council’s Community and Recreation Coordinator, says the new building will help lifeguards to better protect and serve beachgoers.

“The new facility will cost $840,000 to construct and will be a drastic improvement on the current facility available to lifeguards,” Mr. Lamont said.

“It will include storage areas for surf lifesaving equipment, unisex amenities for staff, a first aid room and importantly, a shark observation tower.

“The inclusion of a shark tower will allow lifeguards to have better oversight of the beach and enable them to respond more quickly to sightings,” he added.

Construction is starting this week, and is due to be completed in time for the start of beach season at the end of September.