How to get to Port Stephens

How to get to Port Stephens?

Whether you’re residing in or near a specific area, or you’re just stopping by for a visit, having the ability to get from “point A to point B” is crucial. Ports Stephens, Australia, is no exception to the rule. The area is located in New South Wales and this particular region of the “Land Down Under” is very diverse. Port Stephens is more so a conglomerate of communities rather than a single municipality. It’s basically a large estuary that a apart of a humongous natural harbour. This harbour just so happens to around 52 square mile or 134 square kilometres.

How Exactly Do You Get To Port Stephens

Thanks to the area’s large encompassing ecosystem, visitors can reach Port Stephens through numerous routes. There is a plethora of rivers, streams, highways and beaches that can direct you in the right direction. First off, this area is about 99 miles north-east of Sydney, which is about a two hour drive. For those who are in Newcastle, it’s about an hour north of that location if you’re driving. Although the population isn’t extremely high at an estimated 32,000 people within its limits, there’s an extra 26,000 people who reside just beyond its limits.

Adventurous Waterway Entrances

The mouth of Port Stephens is a popular route if sailing from the South Pacific Ocean or the Tasman Sea. Visitors will recognise this by the narrow entrance way that sits between two large volcanic hills. With its myriad of waterways, this place can be entered by its extensive river system. For those who are north-west of (PS), the Karuah River will guide you straight into this area. For those who are south-west of the area, Twelve Mile Creek drains right into the port from the south. Individuals who like to take a trip of the beaten path will surely find these routes to be very exciting.

For those who are coming from Melbourne or Brisbane, it would only take about an hour for flight. Of course, highway access is offered and by being so close to Sydney, the Pacific (M1) Highway is a very popular route. Also, this is known as the Hunter Region, which is a collection of small towns, villages and suburbs. No matter what part of the area you’re in, there’s complete highway, sea and air access for getting in and out of Port Stephens.