Plan a Visit to Port Stephens

Plan a Visit to Port Stephens

Port Stephens is a perfect location for a holiday. Its 19 miles of pristine beautiful beaches allows anyone to pick and chose how they want to spend a memorable, relaxing holiday. Choose from Adventure activities, Sumptuous Restaurants, Great Shopping or just lazing on a beach.


Plan On Visiting?

The great thing about this area, which is known as the “Hunter Region,” is that the accommodations process fits any budget. Port Stephens offer affordable accommodations for single or group bookings. Seaside resorts, hidden villas, motels and apartment rentals cover the entire region. Come and shop at the local venues for unique products or you can visit some of the higher-end boutiques.

The most popular thing to do here is definitely whale watching. These massive beasts flood the area waters from May to November. Thanks to the abundance of ocean front property, Port Stephens gives you the best viewing angles whether it’s from on top of a hill, on a beach or from a touring cruise vessel.

Food, food and more food. This region has an eclectic mix of cuisines and foods. Cafes, waterfront dining, crab shacks, bars, casual dining and catering services can all be found here. With numerous hidden retreats, you can relax in pure comfort, but if you’re into mingling, walk along the exciting street level highways, which puts you right in the thick of it.


Port Stephens vs Other Destinations

To simply put it, you won’t find too many other destinations that can offer this many benefits. Port Stephens is at the pinnacle of its class thanks to a booming economy, friendly locals, fun activities, miles of beaches, wild animal reserves and prime location.